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Download Your 30-Day Free Trial of SDS/2 Connect for Revit


SDS/2 is offering users the opportunity to try SDS/2 Connect for Revit free for 30 days. This fully functional version of the software enables users to get the full scope of the capabilities of SDS/2 Connect: connection design, roundtripping and more, within the Revit environment.

Getting your 30-day free trial of SDS/2 Connect for Revit is easy. Here’s what you do:

  1. Fill in the form at the right with your full name and email address, and click Download.
  2. Once the executable file is downloaded, double click it to begin installation.
  3. You must accept the terms of the license agreement.
  4. Select Add-Ins 64bit to be installed.
  5. Select the location for the Program Files folder to be installed.
  6. Select the location for the Add-In files folder to be installed.
  7. Verify the settings are correct and click Install.
  8. Once the installer is finished, start Revit.
  9. Under the SDS/2 Connect tab, select License found in the Options pulldown.

If your computer has internet access:

  1. Click "Retrieve license key".
  2. Fill out the form that is opened in your internet browser and click Submit.
  3. The License key will be automatically filled out. Click "Activate" on the SDS/2 Connect License Activation window.

If your computer does not have internet access:

  1. Click Activate at on an internet-connected computer.
  2. Fill out the online form, and enter the Registration ID from the SDS/2 Connect License Activation window. Click submit.
  3. Follow the instructions on the activation browser window.