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Getting Started with SDS/2 Connect

While SDS/2 provides in-depth training on SDS/2 Connect for Revit, a short video to help get started is also available. This video briefly touches on all aspects of SDS/2 Connect, so users can begin utilizing its functionality immediately.

This video will cover everything from installation and setup to applying and modifying connections. Users will also see the benefits and how transferring models to and from SDS/2 can be done seamlessly.

How/2 Connect Video Series

To help users learn the ins and outs of SDS/2 Connect for Revit, SDS/2 has created a new YouTube playlist: How/2 Connect.

The How/2 Connect video series provides tutorials on SDS/2 Connect for Revit features and functionality. Viewers will learn how to apply and edit different connection types (such as clip angles, end plates, and shear plates), prepare a project for use with SDS/2 Connect, apply moment connections, customize connections, and more.