About Us

Since 1981, Design Data has set the standard with its SDS/2 software. As a leader in steel industry software development for 30 years, we constantly bring new technology to the market. Not only was it the first steel software of its kind, Design Data's SDS/2 remains the standard by which all other systems are judged.

Our history of leadership and innovative features is unsurpassed by any competitor, providing a clear-cut advantage for SDS/2 users. Proof of this is found in Design Data's involvement in the steel industry. We share a leadership position with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), working on the development of integration of models and model data with CIS/2. Also, SDS/2 was the first product to interface with automated shop equipment, design connections inside the 3D model, and interface with plant design systems, among many other features.

Design Data continues to lead the way in adapting to new technology, as evidenced by our proactive stance to make SDS/2 the leading BIM software by importing and exporting model data to and from other software products.

Design Data's SDS/2 software solutions are a unique, discipline-driven family of software products that provide the construction industry with a more intelligent way to increase both productivity and profits. SDS/2 software produces smarter models and diverse solutions that empower users to analyze structures, design connections, and detail steel to create the construction drawings.

The information stored in the SDS/2 model is valuable when utilized to its fullest potential—beyond the drawings. Priceless information is accessible through the model, connecting owners, engineers, detailers, fabricators, project managers, erectors or anyone involved throughout the life cycle of the project. Sharing the model with all the partners on the project allows users to make time-critical decisions with the ability to generate and access necessary data.

There is an SDS/2 software solution that is built to meet each of these needs.

To learn more about the full family of SDS/2 products, visit: http://sds2.com