Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I retrieve my validation key?
    Click here to retrieve validation keys.
  2. How do I retrieve my license key?
    Click here to retrieve license keys.
  3. What is SDS/2 Connect?
    SDS/2 Connect is an Add-In to Revit Structure that designs intelligent connections for steel structures based on AISC codes. SDS/2 Connect also includes model roundtripping capabilities with SDS/2.
  4. Do I need Revit Structure to use SDS/2 Connect?
    Yes, SDS/2 Connect is an Add-In to Revit Structure.
  5. Do I need SDS/2 to use SDS/2 Connect?
    No, SDS/2 Connect does not require any other SDS/2 products to run inside Revit Structure.
  6. Do I need to purchase SDS/2 Connect to roundtrip models with SDS/2?
    No, the trial version of SDS/2 Connect includes the Import/Export capabilities and will not expire.
  7. Is a network or floating license available?
    Yes. Network and floating license capabilities are available in the latest releases of SDS/2 Connect. If you've already purchased, make sure you go to your account page to download the latest version.
  8. Can connections designed by SDS/2 Connect be scheduled using Revit Structure tools?
    Revit Structure schedule can be used to create a schedule showing material descriptions and quantities.
  9. Can end reactions imported from other analysis packages be used by SDS/2 Connect?
    Yes, end reactions can be imported from CSC’s Fastrak Building Designer and RISA; loads stored in structural element’s properties can also be used by SDS/2 Connect.
  10. What is included with 'future updates'?
    Future updates include software updates to the version(s) of SDS/2 Connect that you have purchased. For example, if you purchase SDS/2 Connect 2013, you will always be able to download the latest version of SDS/2 Connect 2013. If SDS/2 Connect 2014 is released, you will need to pay a separate upgrade fee to run that version of SDS/2 Connect.