Flexible Licensing Options Now Available for SDS/2 Connect!

With the latest release of SDS/2 Connect, users now have additional functionality for network licensing, which allows the software to be utilized by multiple users in the office. Licenses can be checked out when needed; when not checked out, the Revit model will behave as if SDS/2 Connect is not installed.

In addition to licensing enhancements, users can now apply shear and moment loads imported from RISA and stored in Revit parameters. Not having to input loads into SDS/2 Connect saves users time while avoiding costly errors; it also allows for the design of more economical connections, since the actual design loads are used.

The option "Design Selected" allows users to pre-select elements for which to design connections. This saves users time by allowing them to design connections for portions of a model, rather than designing connections for all elements in the model.

Functionality has also been added to map Revit families to SDS/2 material types for roundtripping. In previous versions, only out-of-the-box Revit families were exported for roundtripping with SDS/2; the new functionality allows users to export families that are named differently than the default families.

To view the full list of enhancements, read the release notes.